Thermal Curtains And Floor Coverings

One of the main factors leading to the evolution of greenhouses is that the structures of the greenhouses that allow the maximum amount of light to enter in throughout the year. This is very important for plants to be able to maintain maximum photosynthesis in a controlled climatic environment and give fruit accordingly.

The Venlo type glass greenhouse model is particularly preferred by professional manufacturers, depending on the structure that allows optimum light beams to enter. The use of screenings and floor coverings plays an important role in providing the ideal cultivation environment conditions for the production of fruits in a healthy way and ensure maximum efficiency.

Special agro-textile applications are used to provide control over the incoming light. These applications can be applied horizontally to the top and / or vertically on the sides in the greenhouse. These special fabrics are used not only to effectively distribute, prevent and / or reflect light, but also to provide the necessary energy savings or even to provide humidity. These curtains are produced in different structures, patterns and features to fit different product types.

The floor coverings will be used to increase the total amount of light reaching to the plants by reflecting the light beam coming from the ground, as well as the unwanted weeds on the ground. Thus, the formation of moisture and plant pathogens is minimized by foreign plants which are likely to occur.

Varnet, whether pull wire system or 'push pull' system and curtain mechanism systems in your projects, according to the most appropriate climate conditions in the investment zone and the expert opinion is ready to share with you.