Partnership Development

Towards the end of the 20th century, there was a paradigm shift in the possibilities of doing business. The emergence of the Internet along with developments in communication and the major political changes in the system known as the Eastern Bloc led to the emergence of new markets and developing countries. No matter what size, companies began to look for methods to fill in gaps and gain a competitive advantage. In order to dominate the markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions made the regional economies stronger. At the beginning of the new century, the world economy became a completely new and connected global market. Traditional business methods that have influenced customer relations have not been able to adapt to this new order and have to be adapted to new conditions.

We do our best to be successful in what we do. Therefore, for Varnet, developing business relationships that go beyond strategy and common value is as important as doing our own business as in right way.

We attach great importance to developing partnerships in order to make our products socially and environmentally perfect when we look as a commercial grower and global perspective.

As you know, modern greenhouses are composed of many systems and product components. Our sustainable brand and high quality targets lead us to cooperate with leading companies in the sector. You can see some of the leading companies of our sector that we cooperate as Varnet and improve our relations.

After-sales program has been developed to provide our support and technological expertise to help our partners achieve their business goals.