Varnet Values


 Our main food resources, which are the biggest requirement of the growing world population, ensure that the fruits and vegetables grown in the highest quality and maximum amounts in the healthiest conditions. In this respect, it is our priority to increase the number of glass greenhouse technologies in all countries of our geography and to integrate the use of renewable energy sources in our structures as much as possible, and provide added value to the greenhouse sector.


We are a young company whose roots are based on collective benefit. This gives us the opportunity to fulfill our corporate responsibility towards our stakeholders, society and environment.


Ethical values- We will always remain a professional solution partner.

Learning and Innovation- Progress is achieved not by technological developments, but by realizing these developments. Varnet employees are always looking for ways to increase their knowledge.

Quality- Our quality character shows itself in everything we build.

Contact- You can find our communication channels open all the time, we are always ready to exchange and share information.

We want our corporate sense of social responsibility to become more mature, inclusive and sustainable. This means for us to develop business practices adapted to new global guidelines for combating social and climate changes.

In order to produce more quantity and healthier fruits and vegetables, building the latest technology greenhouses where environmental impact has been minimized, made it possible for our company to create the highest value and provide collective benefit.

Varnet Values