Air Conditioning Systems

The optimum climate in the greenhouse can only be maintained by using air conditioning systems. The automation center, taking into account the climatic conditions outside the greenhouse by means of the air conditioning system, provides the necessary conditions by using the data collected with the help of sensors to create the climatic conditions necessary for optimum development of the plant in the greenhouse. Namely; temperature, coolness, humidity, CO2, light, plant temperature, plant watering, etc. in the greenhouse to create the conditions that your plant needs, Irrigation system, fans, screening, fogging, boilers, air conditioning systems are the result of the necessity to operate the systems with the right timing and qualification considering the light, wind power, humidity, etc. conditions outside the greenhouse  


High-pressure fogging unit to ensure humidity and cooling

High pressure fogging nozzle



3-compartment window ventilation, accordion-style foldable flytrap

Horizontal shutter mechanism for shading and energy saving




Temperature and light are the most important growth factors of the plant. Just as the greenhouse can take the heat of the light entering, seasonal or daily temperature cycles cause heat loss and this has to be filled. Greenhouse heating should be viewed from a long-term perspective. At the preliminary design stage, location-specific data will provide tips for potential energy sources.

In many cases, there are government incentives to use a sustainable energy source for cost-effectiveness and a permanent solution. Geothermal groundwater, wind and solar energies are almost no harm to the environment and are preferred for long-term energy cost savings. We can help to assess their usability and / or to suggest locally the most effective traditional heating method possible.



Regardless of the source of energy, our experts will provide you with the best way to assess the energy needs of the greenhouse and provide options that are appropriate to the budget of the project. If the selection must be a gas / oil / biomass combustion boiler, our solution partnerships which we cooperate in the Netherlands and Turkey or end products in accordance to your needs, can build it for you.


Crone kazanı

Thermeta brülör

Mikropor azot birimi

In geothermal welded areas, we manage the process starting from the well head to the hot water buffer tank and the greenhouse. In geothermal areas, starting from the well head, we manage the process up to the hot water buffer tank and the greenhouse. As Varnet, we provide a solution to systems such as heating pipe rails, plant heating, and roof heating. In the event of a fault, it is essential that the heating systems are considered to be a backup heating source.

Geothermal well




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