Turnkey Projects

The realization of the Turnkey Greenhouse project with Varnet starts with the consulting process. This very important pre-project consultation process is to collect and discuss all the information that may affect the design, as well as to provide the client with a variety of options along with conceptual cost estimation. In this step, the environmental / sustainability assessment is carried out in the light of the parameters about the relevant location. Historical weather information, geographical data, whether or not renewable resources, local rules and regulations, product type and cultivation methods are just a few of the factors considered in this step.

As Varnet, we have already laid the foundations of a successful project and a perfect partnership by demonstrating our expertise here. Our engineers use the SAP 2000 program, the most advanced analytical tool in the design process, to check the robustness to build a structure that is resistant to unstable weather and earthquakes. We produce all structural parts and other elements in our factory to exceed the international standards. 

Now, by taking one step further towards the future, we produce all Varnet greenhouses with extra-strong aluminum with patented profiles that are produced only in our factory, and we are reducing the overall life cycle costs by standing without maintenance for almost the entire life of the building. Varnet is in close contact with the best professionals in the industry to ensure that our customers can best serve the needs of automated systems. The result is; the Glass Sera, which provides the most advantageous growing conditions for the highest yield, product quality and profitability.

Immediately after the contract is signed, Varnet, together with its expert and experienced staff consisting of construction, electricity, electronics, machinery and agricultural structures and irrigation engineers, can start a project specific to you.

Completion of the turn-key project also means that our after-sales support has begun. After sales support, beyond any guarantee and commitment, means a support to our investor. We wish our customers to permanently see Varnet as a solution partner and main point of contact.

Turnkey Projects