Irrıgatıon Systems

Water is the most valuable resource for the cycle of life on earth. However, due to the fact that many countries are already limited, and even today, many countries do not have sufficient resources, to minimize the use of underground water resources in which it suffers from a serious lack of water, but it is possible to integrate the highest quality irrigation systems into our greenhouses. One of the most important calculations in the preliminary design process of the greenhouse is where and how much this valuable resource is available. Another important issue is the quality of this water.

Varnet's recommended technical solutions form the basis for life cycle analysis and therefore, water consumption should be reduced and also reducing costs and on the other hand reducing the impact on the environment.

A closed irrigation cycle system reduces the use of fertilizers by 40% and water savings by 65%. This is a very important gain in the long term.

Depending on the different factors, there are different methods that can support the hygiene of the water. Due to the size of the project and the demand, all kinds of applications, from the disinfection systems integrated with the UV lamps of the drainage water, to the ozone treatment systems, to the disinfection systems with drainage water heating-have importance in our opinion. For example, Varnet uses pipes with a special interior coating to reduce the biofilm formation, which can clog the system and / or cause pathogen irrigation.

We are closely following the latest technologies for water purification / dirt removal and

we are able to offer our expert opinions.