After Sale

As Varnet, we endeavor not only to start our first step, but to make the whole process work properly. Thus, our investors see Varnet's enthusiasm for the correct programming and smooth progress of the workflow, and that the enthusiasm at the beginning of the work never diminishes but continues to increase. As is known, important indicators for a company are the positive reflections of the references to the market

We aim to develop a partnership that avoids short-term benefits within a method that can be a new sector standard with a sustainable approach by providing a collective benefit.

We treat the projects under our signature as just as a manufacturer's care for the plants, We perform with care. We know very well that the installation and testing of the greenhouse are the first steps to be taken on a long road for our business partners.

Needless to say, our projects are guaranteed in terms of quality, workmanship and free from any manufacturing defects. We know exactly how a raw material is used because we manufacture the building components ourselves. While our structures will remain for generations, guarantees always have a deadline and we want our customers to feel safe. We have established our After Sales Support system. As each new project has its own unique features and needs, it is possible to adapt the automation systems according to the local conditions and product types and to fine-tune them according to the ideal growing conditions.

Technology and plant breeding expertise are a process that progresses together. If you have a question about cultivation, we have a wide and reliable network of industry experts. In this way, even if you are out of our area of expertise, you can be sure that we can find the right person and answer to your problem.

In parallel with our mission statement, our After Sales support is a very important tool to provide help to you, no matter when.