Greenhouse Installation


The foundation is prepared based on the soil type, its weight, amount of internal friction, amount of holding and permissible ground pressure, and is discarded under the light of this information.


Although the Venlo greenhouse has a fairly standardized structure, it can be said that it has a very complex design. This design is preferred because it contains the maximum area for plant production, which provides minimum loss of incoming light and at the same time excellent structural strength. Providing structural strength is not only related to the materials used, but also how the installation is done. In order to achieve this, special equipment, experience, precision supervision and workmanship are required and sum of them can be combined with the highest degree of accuracy. Our supervisor and assembly team consists of engineers and experienced staff with decades of experience in building Venlo type greenhouses


There are different types of coating materials which can be used as greenhouse coating such as nylon, polycarbonate etc. The surface coating should be decided by taking into account the long-lasting strength and thus the external factors such as depreciation expenses, light permeability, insulation capability, weather-climatic conditions, and resistance to natural disasters such as hail fail, snow, storm, tornado, fire. To give an example of light permeability, you should consider that not only how much light will be entered in but also the range of the transmitted sunlight spectrum. The infrared part of the spectrum is responsible for generating heat during the day, and depending on the material type, rate of absorption as well as the warming effect may vary. This value, combined with the insulation properties at night, will have an impact on climate management, which will make a big difference in overall operating costs. Today, glass is still the ideal coating material for Venlo type greenhouses in terms of reflectance - absorption - transfer values. In particular, when considering other aspects, the glass prevents all the coating materials.


As Varnet, we use 4.00 mm low iron tempered glass. Tempering makes the glass 6 times stronger and safer, making it a good choice for coating the roof. At the same time with excellent thermal insulation values and a unique sharpness ratio in our glass insulation, UV, heat and weather resistant provided by EPDM rubber. Glasses of ½ and ¼ size are used on the first beams, from the shields and partitions to the side walls, to increase the wind resistance except for the normal size glasses